Reniel Del Rosario performing The American Dream: Renny’s To-Go

Reniel Del Rosario performing The American Dream: Renny’s To-Go

I work in an expanded ceramics field that combines objects and interactivity. I create mass-produced goods in a factory process with my own hands. Everything is multiplied in a playful recreation full of imprints and inconsistencies. From donuts to cigarettes to paintbrushes to skin bleaching soap, these products are made by the dozen. Each piece is unique, but they speak collectively as an antithesis for the love of the manufactured.

I then bring these ceramic objects out into public spaces to satirize consumerism through public engagement. This has included setting up impromptu storefronts in public spaces, infiltrating galleries to interact in proximity with high end art, and tailgating conferences as an unexpected vendor. The public can walk up to my storefronts and purchase my ceramics for the price of their real-life counterpart. 

My work has no resolution to the dilemma of consumerism. The objects I make are problematic—they’re based off of products that are addictive, misleading, and yet still accepted. If these legal businesses can abuse the at-risk public, then my work seeks to exaggerate and spotlight the problems at instances where it is happening. It gives my audience a platform to question the object’s adoration or to further emphasize the problems.

Forthcoming establishments hope to continue satirizing the ethics, morals, and regularity of the consumer market and its participants.



1997      Iba, Philippines



2019      B.A. Art Practice, University of California, Berkeley



2018 - 2019       DeCal Teacher—Natural Pigments

2018 - 2019       UCB Department Sculpture and Painting Assistant

2018                        Assistant to Craig Nagasawa

2017 - 2019       CalC.R.E.A.T.E. Visual Arts Student Teacher

2017 - 2018            DeCal Teacher—Art for Animation

2016 - 2019       Berkeley Art Museum Gallery Attendant



2018  - Present    Mixed Baggage Collective



2018 Leymusoom Shrine, Berkeley, CA

2017     Weigh Your Waste, Cal Dining, Berkeley, CA



2019 Liminal Space, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 Art of Painting in the 21st Century, John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA

2019 Is It Meme You’re Looking For, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE

2018 EARTH, CULTURE, SOCIETY, headquarters Gallery , Berkeley, CA

2018 The Berkeley Biennial, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018      Re-Imagined, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018 Solano County Fair, Vallejo, CA

2018 Packing Up To Go, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018      Millennial Minds, Sonoma State Gallery, Rohnert Park, CA

2018      The Dog & Pony Show, San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA

2018      Arts & Environment, headquarters Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018      Conversations with Art, Berkeley, CA

2017      Authority, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2017      Solano County Fair, Vallejo, CA

2016      Seize the Means, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2014      Phonies 2014, Solano Community College, Fairfield, CA



2019 Windgate Fellowship Awardee, Center for Craft

2019 Putnam Prize in Ceramics, UC Berkeley Art Practice

2019 Departmental Citation, UC Berkeley Art Practice

2019 Lauren Krikorian Award, UC Berkeley Art Practice

2018      UCB Honors Recipient, UC Berkeley Art Practice

2017      1st Place Abstract Oil Painting, Solano County Fair

2017      1st Place Representational Sculpture, Solano County Fair

2017      2nd Place Abstract Sculpture, Solano County Fair



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