Inventory, 2019

Inventory depicts the amassed products leftover from or in storage for store installation projects. The store inventories pictured here are: ARTSMART, Little Isabela, Renny’s, and High Fired Dispensary. While each store is created for satirizing establishments, it cannot exclude the overproduction aspect of consumerism. No matter how well-liked the products are, with each sale indicates a need to keep up consumer demands, and so another batch of products is made. Each product is made in a factory-like process dozens at a time with the end result always with extra, which explains many of these objects reasons for sitting on the inventory shelves.

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All You Should Eat Buffet, 2017

All You Should Eat Buffet is a mixed-media work mimicking common food waste in the world. Food waste a worldwide epidemic that occurs frequently. Many of the foods that are thrown out are easily preventable and manageable; however, much of the world still has problems with food such as produce, meats, and grains. It’s an estimated 30%-40% of all food is thrown away for a variety of reasons—expiration, personal taste, accidents.

Many of us do not even realize the amount of food waste that actually goes out with the rubbish every garbage day. We can understand directly the rotten and forgotten food we must throw away, but a lot of things we throw away, like vegetable scraps, are a large amount of food waste that find their way to landfills rather than composts.

With friends and family in the culinary industries, I got to hear many of their tales of products being dumped in the trash… People deciding not to finish the last bits and pieces of their meals... Patrons ordering food that they are unsure about and then deciding not to eat it or even take it home… Diners drowning their food in sauce and then not finishing it all… Businesses purchasing too much and losing a lot of inventory because it is not in the sale date window anymore… The list goes on.

Despite this buffet of food readily available to many, 1 in 8 Americans still go hungry every day, and that’s only in this nation. This issue in Philippines, and how it can affect my family still there, was my real inspiration to bring highlights to this issue. Situations like the poverty in “Happyland” in Manila, lead those who lack food to scavenge for the scraps of the upper class.

The next question for everybody as they fill up grocery bags, pile on plates, and stock up on free food is will that food be all you should eat?

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Memories, 2016